Range of Services

Below you will find all the services that you can use in our doctor's office.
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  • Family doctor care
  • Home visits in elderly, nursing, intensive care, and disability group homes.
  • Check-Ups
  • precaution understatement
  • laboratory tests
  • Cardiovascular examinations
  • ECG, long-term ECG, stress ECG
  • 24-hour blood pressure
  • Spirometry (lung function test)
  • Caring for patients in old people's or nursing homes
  • Geriatric Assessment
  • Disease Management Programm for diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, COPD and asthma
  • Botox and filler treatment
  • Ultrasound examinations
  • Cancer screening for men over 45 years
  • Instruction according to § 43 Abs. 1 Infection Protection Act (IfSG)